Full-Stack Developer
Tech Geek
Master of Metaphors

"The Only way to fully understand someone
is to walk in their shoes for a day"

My name's Keith Vieira and I'm a software engineer out of Boston, Massachusetts. For over 15 years I've been developing everything from Websites/Apps to Alexa smart skills. I currently work for Zipcar, am the CEO of Delavie Media, and co-founder of The Fresh Chef. When I'm not coding or running companies, I'm usually doing some type of extreme sport, on a last minute adventure with some close friends, or relaxing on the couch for a Netflix/Xbox binge with my fiance.

Live every day as if it were your last


Johnson and Wales University
BS, Software Engineering
2008 – 2012

Old Colony RVTHS
CIT (Computer Information Technology)
2004 – 2008

Development Technologies

Javascript(ES5 & ES6)
Bower, Grunt, NPM
AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native


Riding motorcycles
Working with my hands
Playing with my dog Niko
Race pretty much anything

  • Life Requires Risk

    To enjoy life and be successful, I firmly believe you're required to take risks. Whether it be in your career, your relationships(personal or career), and your life. You do not grow from taking the safe route, you do not learn from following other peoples mistakes, and you can not have real friends if you cannot be open with them and be yourself.

    I've taken my fair share of risks in life and have made plenty of mistakes along the way. Through it all, I've grown as a person, grown as a developer, and grown as a friend.

  • The Devil's In The Details

    One of the biggest faults most people have is they don't look at the minor details. As a developer, this can't be more true. We often get wrapped up in the bigger picture (final mockup), and fail to see the minor issues or bugs.

    This is by far the hardest lesson I've learned. I've always worked fast to meet deadlines or to complete a task, but I rarely took a second to step back, look at the task at hand objectively, and said "Does this look right, does this work right, have I done 110%". With practice I've learned to detach myself from the situation, take another look, and really evaluate where things stand.

Live Without Fear of Failing

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Fall River, Massachusetts